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Who are the Kings and Queens of Sacramento News Social Media? The Answer May Surprise You. It Surpri

Social Media has drastically and dramatically changed the way we do news in the past decade. We are required to do so much these days. Reporters are on scene of a breaking news story and are required to go live, Tweet, Facebook Live or Periscope, take pictures and video and wrap story for station and write a story for the web. All at the same time.

Remember when you just had one or two stories to report? And nothing else?

There are some top performers in Sacramento media using Twitter and Facebook effectively to their advantage to not only grow their brand and followers, but more importantly, connect to the audience they serve.

Carmichael Dave is the King of Twitter. The 1140 KHTK morning host has 43.9 thousand Twitter followers. Dave is a fun follow. He not only has insight and the ears of the power brokers behind the sports scenes in Sacramento, but he uses snark, comedy, heartfelt and transparent truth to connect with his audience. He is renowned for using his passion and social media skills to help prevent the Sacramento Kings from moving to Seattle in the relocation drama.

"Social media is a very special conduit to speak to fans, friends and viewers," Dave told me.

Carmichael Dave uses his Twitter base wisely. He said he Tweets possible topics for his early morning sports talk show but the discussion doesn't end when the show does at 9 am. He not only continues the discussion on Twitter but broaches new ones at night. And he can be fearless. And courageous. In a recent passionate post, Dave questioned the decision of the Sacramento Kings to let go of their popular public announcer Scott Moak even though the Kings broadcast their games on Dave's station. (Moak has since agreed to stay on with the Kings. )

"It's a carry over from my radio job," Dave said. 'I want to, in an authentic manner, create passionate discourse among people I'm talking to."

"I love to stir it up," he said, adding he loves to talk to people. "And I'm addicted to debate."

Runners up: Mark S Allen 16.9k Cristina Mendonsa 12.6 k Marcos Breton 12.2k

If Carmichael Dave is the King of Twitter, you may be surprised, as I was, which Sacramento news personality dominates Facebook. For years, I thought it was my KFBK news partner of 20 years, Kitty O'Neal, who has a whopping 60.7 thousand followers, more than the mayor or any top official in Sacramento.

But the Queen of Facebook is actually CBS 13 and Good Day Sacramento's anchor/reporter Dina Kupfer with 71.2 thousand friends on Facebook. Like Carmichael Dave, Dina sees social media as a great way to keep up the dialogue and meet new people.

"It's a great way to get stories, ideas through Messenger," Dina said.

Dina has a great formula she uses to connect with her viewers. Basically, it's "respond, respond, respond." (I have a pet peeve of news people who set up Personality Pages but never respond to their fans) The main important take is that Dina goes out of her way to actively interact with her followers, either on Twitter or Facebook. She doesn't post things just for likes. She deliberately connects and talks with her viewers because, well, she wants to and is grateful they come to her for news. One of the ways she does that is through frequent Facebook Live posts.

"It makes the viewers think they are there live with you," she said.

Runners up on Facebook followers: Kitty O'Neal 60.7k Edie Lambert 43.8 Mark S Allen 21k

Yes, both Dave and Dina have their trolls. Dave is reluctant to block anyone unless they are racist, sexist or abusive. Dina, working in high-profile, visual TV news, says she's heard from viewers who don't like her hair that day, her clothes or even her eyebrows.

But Carmichael Dave lives by a motto we all should during these social media times when reporters are being judged by how many clicks or likes they get.

"I will never, ever, ever say something I don't believe to get a hot take," Dave said.

Follow @carmichaeldave and @dinakupfer on Twitter


News Twitter Done Right

You may have seen my rants about news personalities begging you to like their station or tune in with the latest news such as "East Area Rapist! We have the latest! Tune in at 5!" Every news station has the latest. But what are you doing different to actually draw in the viewer or listener? Fox 40 reporter Nicole Comstock is good at that. She uses her Twitter feed as a mini news report to lure people to her story and her station's newscast.

One example on Twitter:

"He was just the person for her. And he couldn't let her go." Char remembers her friend Pamela, murdered in her home in February. On @Fox40, how a stolen gun from a different crime led detectives to arrest the man DeGrio divorced 40 years ago for her murder."

Nicole's compelling, interesting Tweets has helped her stories been picked up by national news outlets such as CNN.


And for the most curious Sacramento news Tweeter let's go to KFBK's morning anchor Dan Mitchinson. During his morning show, Dan typically Tweets celebrities every day. His favorites are William Shatner, Mark Hamill and John Wesley Shipp. For KFBK's recent radio interview with former FBI director James Comey, Dan turned to both Luke Skywalker and The Flash for advice on what to ask Comey.

Dan's Tweets:

"@HamillHimself interviewing #JamesComeyInterview tomorrow at 7 am on @kfbk What question would you ask him if you could?

.@JohnWesleyShipp #JamesComeyInterview tomorrow he joins us live on @kfbk at 7 am. Wondering what one question you or your followers have for him that I can pass along?

Why does Dan Tweet celebrities while doing the morning news? Your guess is as good as mine.


I'm sure I've missed some people and I did not take Univision into account. If you have any questions, comments or news tip ideas, please email me at

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